SPIE Career Center
A place in the sun: Houses highlight innovations in technology, design
The Solar Decathlon offered an opportunity for visitors to imagine and witness the possibilities of solar power in a comfortable living environment.
PathSensors: Rapid detection of pathogens with bioluminescence
Using genetically engineered cells made from jellyfish that glow in the ocean, a new system can identify dangerous substances in aerosols.

Pathsensors, Inc. is an environmental testing company housed at the University of Maryland Biopark in Baltimore. The company specializes in developing tests to quickly find pathogens in the infectious disease and biodefense sectors.
Team Austria wins the 2013 Solar Decathlon
A team of students from the Vienna University of Technology is the overall winner of the 2013 Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the U. S. Department of Energy.
Advice for students interested in optics and photonics
Astronomers, professors, CEOs, a Nobel Prize winner, and others all give their answer to the question, "What advice would you give to a student or young professional interested in optics and/or photonics?" This is a small collection of their responses.
Light Our Future
The National Photonics Initiative brings together experts from industry, academia and government to assemble recommendations that will help guide US funding and investment in Photonics.
Optics and Photonics, Essential Technologies for Our Nation
The National Research Council of the National Academies has released its highly anticipated new report.