SPIE Career Center


Michael Fiddy
Director, Optoelectronics Center, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

How do you spend a typical day?
Most of each day is spent meeting with people who have some involvement with or would like to make use of facilities in the Optoelectronics Center. The center employs several staff and houses a large variety of equipment which must be managed and maintained, and so much of each day is dealing with administrative matters. In between, several exciting research projects are on-going and get some time devoted to them, and then there are the many committee meetings, emails and phone calls that have to be dealt with. Quiet time to think is only possible at home!

What (if anything) would you change?
There always seem to me to be ways to cut back time spent on certain administrative chores and chasing paperwork, but it never seems to work that way.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career?
Manage time very carefully and try to prioritize tasks, knowing that many things will simply not get accomplished in a typical 168-hour week.